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We’re a technology company building intuitive massage therapy experiences designed to help people of all walks of life feel and live better, longer. 
Cmpany Statement
Every Body
Every Day
Aescape exists for the doers, dreamers, hustlers, and everyday individuals looking to make improvements in their life and in their performance. From elite athletes to those who are taking their first step into fitness - and everyone in between - we deliver a holistic approach to physical wellness and recovery.
Team Up With Us

Our partners are innovators, category pioneers, and first movers. 

Our values shape who we are and who we partner with:









Interested in partnering with Aescape?


Tristan Saw

Chief Strategy & Systems Officer, Town Sports International

“We are on the cusp of a major transition in the massage industry. This will become the gold standard.”

Catherine Warren

VP Strategic Partnerships, Arch Amenities Group

“I think you may save our industry with your technology, and I am thrilled that we get to watch the story unfold from a front-row seat.”

Kane Sarhan

Co-Founder & CCO, The Well

“Spa and wellness businesses that don’t offer Aescape will be left behind.”
Meet Our Institutional Investors

The leading innovation engine and investor in early-stage sustainability, food, food technology, retail, and retail technology investing


One of the earliest and longest-standing investors behind Tesla and SpaceX


The largest VC firm focused on technology for the global real estate industry; invested in companies tackling some of the most pressing, real world problems


Reputation for backing category-defining companies 

$3B in assets, 50+ exists, 17 IPOs


Invested in teams solving the world’s problems through robotics and automation


One of the largest and most rapidly growing venture portfolios in the world


Among the largest and most active venture investment syndicates in the world, dedicated to supporting diversity and fostering social change towards equality


Invested in over 1,000 startups globally, FJ Labs’ purpose is to improve the human condition through technology


A diverse network of co-pilots, partners, collaborators coming together to propel humanity forward


Fabrice Grinda

 Co-Founder,  FJ Labs

I’ve invested in more than 600 early stage companies and appreciate when I come across a solid business model with a fantastic entrepreneur like Eric driving it. I love the idea and am excited to be involved.

Peter Wurman

 Co-Founder,  Kiva Systems (Now Amazon Robotics)

Eric has put together a great team and a clear vision to revolutionize the health and fitness industry. The ambition reminds me of the early days of Kiva Systems.

Kevin Love

NBA All-Star and Champion, Cleveland Cavaliers

I love the ability to get treatment when I want, on my own terms. For athletes and trainers, I can't think of a better solution for recovery.


Meet Our Individual Investors 


We're supported by a sophisticated team of investors from a range of backgrounds in robotics, AI, SaaS, sports, hospitality, and beyond.

TA Ventures ⚈​ Flatiron ​Search Partners ⚈​ Feld Ventures ⚈ Half Court Ventures ⚈​ Adam Chandler, COO, Eulerity ⚈​ Alex Trojanow, Private Investor ⚈​ Anand Agarawala, CEO & Co-Founder, Spatial ⚈​ Andrew Strocko, Owner, Strocko Consulting LLC ⚈​ Anik Nagpal Private investor ⚈ ​Julian Baring, SVP Business Development, Adform  ⚈ ​Ben Barokas, CEO & Founder, Sourcepoint Technologies Inc ⚈​ Bill Wise, CEO & Co-Founder, Mediaocean ⚈​ Bobby Figueroa, CEO & Co-Founder, ⚈​ Brad Field, Partner, Foundry Group ⚈​ Bradly Horowitz, VP Product, Google ⚈​ Christian Smith, Co-Founder, Forta ⚈​ Dan Foehner, CMO, Elastique Athletics ⚈​ Dani Alyamour Private Investor ⚈​ David Karp, CEO & Founder, Tumblr ⚈​ Dmitry Gilot, Producer & Media Consultant, Maylind Media ⚈​ Eric Newnham, Founder, Talon Outdoor ⚈​ Eswar Priyadarshan, CTO & Co-Founder, InLive ⚈​ Yony Feng, Co-Founder, Peloton ⚈​ Farhan Thawar, VP Engineering, Shopify ⚈​ Fred Hsu, Co-Founder, DigiArt ⚈ ​Gerardo Ragusa, President & Co-Founder, High Level ⚈​ Gregory Tagaris, CTO & Co-Founder, UpperCampus ⚈​ Harry Dewhirst, CEO & Founder, Zeppelin ⚈​ Henry Hyder-Smith, CEO & Founder, Adestra ⚈​ Judy Halby, COO & EVP, Regional Reporting Inc ⚈​ Jim Gellas,  Founder & Fractional CFO, OPS Partners, ⚈​ Javon Bea, CEO, Trinity Health ⚈​ Jim Payne, Private Investor ⚈​ John Lema, President & COO, Playback Health ⚈​ Joshua Schachter, CEO, UpdateAI ⚈​ Keith Petri, CEO,  Lockr ⚈​ Keith Angell, Founder, Engin Capital ⚈​ Karthik Ramakrishnan, Armilla IA, Founder  ⚈​ Lachlan Power, Professional Gamer ⚈ ​Lachlan Parker, Private Investor ⚈ ​Lori Anne Wardi, Senior Director, Go Daddy ⚈​ Leland Hensch, President, Enhanced Digital Group ⚈​ Leonid Gluzman, General Partner, PV Fund ⚈​ Lev Ekster, Chief Strategy Officer, Bowlero Corp ⚈​ Kevin Love, NBA All-Star & Champion, Cleveland Cavaliers ⚈ ​Martin Ringlein, General Partner, Adventure Fund ⚈​ Matthew Dellavedova, NBA Champion, Sacramento Kings ⚈​ Matt McGowan, GM, Snapchat  ⚈​ ​ Megan Pagliuca, Chief Activation Officer, Omicron Media Group ⚈ ​Melissa Grady, CMO, Cadillac ⚈​ Mark Gorton, Chairman, Tower Research Capital ⚈​ Michael Bayle, VP, Amadeus IT Group ⚈ ​Dr. Michael Calabrese, Founder, Midtown East Chiro  ⚈ ​Michelle Surya, VP, Testlio ⚈ ​Neil Parikh, Co-Founder, Casper ⚈​ Nicholas Pilkington, CTO, DroneDeploy ⚈​ Phillip Berner, CEO & Co-Founder, Closer ⚈​ Pritesh Kot, PM, Scotiabank ⚈ ​Peter Wurman, Director, Sony AI ⚈​ Rachel Beider, CEO, PRESS Modern Massage ⚈​ Raghu Balasa, Principal, Carly Rain Group, ⚈​ Rahul Talwar, Director, BNY Mellon ⚈​ Raj Madhvan, Co-Founder, Alpha SEO Pros ⚈​ Richard Zwicky, CEO, Plena Global Holdings ⚈​ Robert Figueroa, Founder & CEO, ⚈​ Ryan Scott, Founder, The Developers ⚈​ Sara Laprade, Chief of Staff, Boston Dynamics ⚈​ Sandra Finklestein, Private Investor  Tristan Saw, Chief Strategy & Systems Officer, Town Sports Int’l, ⚈​ Samer Bishay, CEO & Co-Founder, Karrier One ⚈​ Scott Miller, Managing Director, Dragon Ventures ⚈​ Sebastian de Kloet, SVP, Red Cloud ⚈​ Sebastian Sobczak, Founder, Friendo ⚈​ Shaker Muasher, Founder, Kawn Ventures ⚈​ Sheetal Jaitly, CEO, TribalScale ⚈​ Shiven Ramji, Chief Product Officer, AuthO/Okta, ⚈​ Rose Steinberg, Founder, People Obsessed ⚈​ Steven Blatt,  Partner, Baker Tilly ⚈​ Stuart Sherman, CEO, SM Marketing Int’l  ⚈​ Tom Chi, Founding Partner, At One Ventures ⚈​ Thomas Lee, CEO, Galileo ⚈​ Vitaliy Gubskiy, Founder, Daintree VC ⚈​ Wolf Allisat, CRO, Thunes


Matthew Dellavedova

NBA, Sacramento Kings

“I forgot it wasn’t a human. One of the best massages I’ve had.”


We are a team of curious and creative technology and wellness innovators dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier lives. Together we are building this category-defining business. 


Get To Know Our Leadership Team 

Founder and serial entrepreneur Eric Litman is joined by an exceptional leadership team sourced from Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Bird, Intuitive Surgical, Meta, NBA, Peloton and Tonal.


Eric Litman

Founder and CEO


Alex Linde

SVP Product


Andrew Chao

Head of Supply Chain


Becca Valle 

VP Marketing

25 years of experience building and shipping new technology and world-changing products. Led teams at Uber, eBay, Weather, and Yahoo!

25+ years building global supply chains. Owned manufacturing for Peloton, Tonal, and Pebble Tech

Experienced global marketing leader sitting at the center of sports, culture and technology. 17+ years with global brands: Meta, New York Knicks, Visa, American Express, IBM, Gillette

Deeply technical serial entrepreneur with 4 previous exits under his belt. Founded aescape to solve a personal pain point


Dan Burns

Head of Partnerships


David Azaria

SVP Engineering


Dylan Hurder

Head of Finance

Leader in cultivating partnerships in technology, healthcare and athletics. Previously led global expansion at Bird scooters

Engineering leader with 15+ years of experience building high-performing teams at startups. Most recently SVP Software Engineering at Tonal

Experienced Startup Finance leader behind fast-growing startups, including Tonal and Uber

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Nick Nelson

Head of Quality


Sam Bowen

VP Hardware Engineering


Sharmin Sadoughi

VP Strategic Operations

Backed by senior Product Quality experience at Peloton, BioLite and FitBit, Nick provides consistency, efficiency and leadership as we build an Aescape Experience that delights partners and customers

Sam has built and led hardware teams that created iconic products from mobile devices to wearables and connected fitness. He is helping Aescape build a high performance team that can solve complex problems and get products to market

Proven record of leading teams to solve complex problems and deliver products using her extensive cross-functional and cultural experience. Sharmin is passionate about establishing structures and processes that enable organizations to grow and achieve success

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